Competition Benefits

Topics: Employment, Want, Competition Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: May 15, 2013
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Sevada, Zadooryan
ESL 151
March 27,2013
Competition Benefits
What would life be like without competition? Competition is a feeling of being better than the other competitors; such as the coworkers in the workplace. Most people at workplaces compete by working harder and harder just to prove to their employers that they are the best employees. Having a competitive spirit benefits employees and employers, as well as their businesses.

Competitors are the ones who want to take themselves to the next level. Its most of the employees’ desire to get promoted at their workplace, but the ones who really get promoted are those who are willing to put their best effort in their job. If employees are willing to compete, it means they are ready to expand their skills at their workplace. Competition helps employees to feel the need to grow. For example, if someone at his/her workplace doesn’t feel the need to compete, he/she won’t be able to sustain his position. Even if someone is at the top level at his/her workplace, he/she still needs to compete in order to maintain his/her position. Having a competitive spirit is beneficial to the person since it causes motivation to improve on his/her capabilities.

Allowing employees to compete helps not only them, but the businesses as well. It’s a common belief that without competition there will be less improvements and inventions. For example, if a TV manufacturer pays its employees to work Zadooryan 2

carefully when producing the TVs, the same competitor company that makes TVs may pay even more money to its employees just to compete with other TV manufacturers in having products with a better quality. However, if the two companies don’t try to improve their products in order to look better than each other, then TV’s won’t get better and better everyday. In other words, competition among employees helps the company as a whole to expand, rather than just helping the employees to move up within the same company....
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