Competition Assignment

Topics: Lingerie, La Vie en rose, Vaughan Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: May 12, 2013
By Anastasia Bondarenko

April 23,2013

Competition Assignment :)

Vaughan Mills Mall

La Senza

Products: La Senza's products are for women. They are high quality products. The sell bras (regular bras, push up, double push up),panties (thongs, bikini) , lingerie, sleepwear(robes, pyjamas pants and shirts), the body lotions, creams and sprays, they also have accessories as ( nail polishes, eyeliners, stockings, gloves, passport holders, cosmetic bags, silicon push up bras and small and big boxes for clothing).They provide different sizes, styles and variety of colours. Service: La Senza is known as a good service provider. In Vaughan Mills mall La Senza store has good workers that always ask If people need any help. They have different shells for bras with different sizes which helps to find what you need faster and it's more convenient because you can right the way see what bras you have of your size. The also have different sections for different types of bras and not only bras, but panties and sleep wear. They made a whole room for sales. I think it's really convenient for customers to know what items are on sale. La Senza company also has a website, return polices ( no later than 30 days), gift returns, gift cards, refunds and exchanges. You can order their product and get it delivered to you. Sustainable competitive Advantage: The La Senza brand is owned by Limited Brands. It's constantly compared to Victoria Secret. But Victoria Secret and La Senza are both operated by Limited Brands and that means that they are equal in quality and have very similar products. This is a sustainable competitive Advantage because La Senza products are much cheaper than Victoria Secret products but both of the stores are owned by the same brand. And as we know that La Senza has the same quality as Victoria Secret but the price is lower. Most likely the customers will likely...
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