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Year 4 M&M
Dr. Zina

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1) What is Ginger's service concept?
provides facilities to meet the key needs of traveler.
Thought out facilities and services at a ‘value’ pricing individuals have taken control of their various activities
the use of e-mail instead of letters, as also the use of mobile phones, conference calls and video conferences to get things done quickly and effi ciently
simplicity and
convenience in ease of doing business (awareness, booking
channels, payment gateways); informality, style, warmth
and modernity in its approach to product design, service
philosophy and aff ordability in pricing.


2) How does Ginger create customer value?
Price ( best attractive price by recruiting staff, using economy light. and keeping price down uses a fair
amount of outsourcing. Only about 10 managers per hotel
are on the payrolls of Ginger
Ginger has implemented periodic
web-based tests to assess the relevant knowledge and skills
of their managerial and other employees.
“We are cost conscious and so we need to use
unconventional methods of recruitment
تستخدم جنجر طرق منخفضة التكاليف للتوظيف Through Careers@Ginger
chosen e-learning initiatives to
cut costs. We have in-house training, induction,
training operations and e-learning modules

3) How can Ginger manage customer expectations more effectively? How can Ginger manage customer expectations more effectively? massges and communication by saying i am economy hotel with good qualety by matrix, towels, tv, cleaning ....ect

4) Evaluate Ginger's brand positioning and communications strategy. Given that the number of players the budget hotels market is increasing, how can Ginger sustain its unique positioning ?

5) Ginger faces challenges relating to people. How can they overcome these challenges? The competition between car companies low level and thus would be price competition does not exist, which keeps the price and...
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