"Competition Always Brings Out the Best in People." What Are Your Views?

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It seems that where people are, there is bound to be competition. The question is, is competition beneficial toward us? Does competition always bring out the best in people? Although competition does push us to excel, it does not always promise such beneficial results.

Competition can be seen in students going through education. Competition in education can bring out the best in students but can also discourage students. Nowadays, it is a growing trend for teachers to conduct their classes in a competitive style: using point awarding systems. In order to gain more points to eventually emerge winners, the students will have to further rack their brains and push themselves to think better and understand better in class. This way, there is only room for improvement each time because of the friendly rivalry. It will also foster closer bonds between the groups, thus promoting good cooperative skills. There can also be unspoken rivalry in a classroom, where individuals try their hardest to vie for the top spot in class. If there was no competition, the students would be satisfied with their results easily and make no progress. Because of this competition, it pushes the students to constantly strive for better results; to push themselves to greater horizons. Academic competition can however bring about negative impacts. Students may take the stress of the competition too seriously, and place too much of a burden on their own shoulders. When these students fail to achieve what they want in their academic competition, their failure does not push them to work harder, but instead they feel demoralised and upset. These students will feel frustrated at their own failure and might even give up. Some of these students resort to hurting themselves to let out frustrations while others will cheat and try to win the competition via unfair means. Because it is entirely up to the students themselves how they want to react to competition, the competition does not always guarantee...
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