Competent vs Competitive

Topics: Success, Skill, Thought Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Is it more important to be highly competent or highly competitive in order to be successful? The one and only way to success is being highly competent. The reason why it is more important to be highly competent than highly competitive is simple; you must know information and be well-informed about situations and problems. If you are competitive, that’s fine, but being highly competitive is not being educated. They are two different things. For example, if a highly competitive person goes against a competent person on solving a math equation, most likely the competent person will succeed. Trying to be number one and trying to do well are two different things. Meaning being highly competitive is unlike being highly competent because being competitive, or trying to be number one, is different from being able to do well. In fact, being able to do well is more important than being number one because you will be more likely to succeed. Some might say trying to be highly competitive will make you succeed; they say being competitive or trying to be the best will push them into success. Some people think that being highly competitive is important so they will have a good judgment of self worth and some confidence. Competition, even friendly competition, has been known to ruin friendships and even lives. Competition has totally altered our way of life and has transformed from something playful to something that negatively soaks up lives. Competition also tends to brings out the worst in people, their desire to win overtakes their actions and thoughts, making is so they can care less to what happens to others as long as they are victorious. A Competent person has the necessary abilities, knowledge, & skills to do things successfully.

In summary, without competence in life, you have and are nothing. Intending that in attempt to be the best, you fail in the end.
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