Competency Statement for Safety

Topics: Accident, Injury, Problem solving Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Competency Statement for Safety
Angela A. Page
IYPD 103, Health and Safe Environment

When it comes to providing a safe environment for a child, you have to make sure that there are rules and guidelines for children who are in a structured environment. Making sure that the child is safe and away from things that can harm them are very important in making sure that your child is being taken care of properly. There are unintentional injuries that can occur to the child if the child’s caregiver is not fully paying attention to them. Making sure that the caregiver knows what do in case something unintentional does happen to the child is very important.

First, what does unintentional injury mean? Unintentional injury means an unexpected or unplanned event that may result in physical harm or injury. When it comes to children and safety, teachers, parents and daycare providers need to know the dangers that can happen when a child is not being supervised. Younger children are the ones that are most effected by injuries that are no fault of their own. The reason that younger children such as infants and toddlers are the ones that are injured the most is because they have limited motor skills, problem solving skills and that increases the risk of injury. Also, there are some conditions that may contribute to unintentional injury, such as teachers or staff members who may be unfamiliar with the children or their routines. If they don’t know what the children normally do every day or know where they are supposed to be, then injuries can occur at any time. Sometimes there may be a shortage of teachers or not enough adults to have adequate supervision for the child as well. If the teacher does not explain the rules and explain what they expect of them, that can cause injury also.


There should be some advanced planning when it comes to making sure that children are safe. First, making sure that the right equipment is being...
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