Competency & Servant Leadership

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Competency & Servant Leadership
The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast Servant Leadership against Competency Based Leadership. I will be discussing both styles of leadership and their strengths and weaknesses and at the end of this comparison I will be drawing a conclusion to determine whether or not a Competency-based leader can include Servant leadership on his daily direction strategies of his employees. From the research that I have done so far I consider that Servant Leadership qualities can always be a great attribute to the Competency-based model or any other Leadership model. In the Competency-based Leadership model, people are chosen by their skills and abilities such as strategic, technical and technological proficiency; reasoning skills and abilities, such as numerical or scientific knowledge; oral communication and problem solving skills; interpersonal skills and abilities, such as expertise in human relations and teamwork capability; personal characteristics, such as decisiveness and persistence. I consider those faculties to be really important components when it comes to leadership. For example, in the medical field the leader of a specific unit must be prepared and have the knowledge and skills required for that position. Not just any individual that possess the willingness of serving and helping others can be a leader. But on the other hand, a leader that has all this qualities must also be able and willing to serve and assist his co-workers, because knowledge and skills don’t work if the person who has them keeps them for his own personal growth and use, which happens quite often and individuals use their skills for their own success, that is the downfall for this model. Now, the Servant Leadership model is all about helping others, and being there to make sure the whole team is successful thus the entire company will also be. It is serving others because is the right thing to do and will create a positive outcome not only within...
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