Competency Model on the Chinese Human Resource Management

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Competency model On the Chinese human resource management



On the Chinese human resource management4
The definition of Competency4
Competency model in China6
Recruitment and selection management6
The issues of competency in recruitment and selection process in China7 Training and development8
Competency in training and development9
Performance management10
Competency in performance management10
The issues of competency in performance management in China11 Conclusion11


This report provides an analysis and evaluation of leading edge human resources management (HRM) practices including recruitment and selection management, training and development management performance, and compensation management, to reveal an in-depth awareness of each. The results of interviews, observations and data analysis are drawn upon to explore each of the three practices. All calculations can be found in the appendices.

This report aligns some theories and concepts associated with practices to demonstrate whether the HRM practices, such as competency-based approaches, have a positive impact upon the organisation. Major areas of weakness identified within the report require further investigation and remedial action by management. The report also investigates the limitations of analyses.

This study and report focus upon practices in China, and discusses the competency model in the practice of HRM.
On the Chinese human resource management

As Chinese business expands, business owners may employ a human resource (HR) consultant or establish an HR department toprovide expertadvice and support,toundertake various HR activities. HR management is the part of the management process that contributes significantly to organisational management. Human resource managementis specifically concerned with the human aspects of an organisationto ensureall individuals can make amaximum contribution to the achievement of common goals while simultaneouslyattaining social satisfaction. In today’s globally competitive business environment, most organisations develop an effective framework of HRM to manage the organisation and create a talent pool. In Chinese businesses employing numbers of staff members,the development of effective HRM is fairly common practice. However, there are some issues they need to focus upon. This paper focuses on three HR activities in the Chinese organisation of business to critically demonstrate how HR practitioners deal with aspects,problems and issues associated with humans in organisations. The activities are: recruitment and selection, training and development, and performance and management. In China, more studies are required to demonstrate if the competency model is effective or not.

The definition of Competency
According to Vazirani(2010), David C. McClelland, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and creator of McBer and Company, created a stir in the field of industrial psychology in 1973 with Testing for Competence Rather than Intelligence.McClelland proposedan iceberg model (as shown in figure 1) as a descriptive tool for competency. The iceberg’s tip section represents a person's knowledge and skills, while a person’s social role, self-image, traits and motives, which are underlying and enduring, are represented in the lower section. It is within this larger lower section, hidden below the “waterline”, where it is theorised that deep competency “sits” and that the characteristics and traits represented in this section are key to determining people's behaviour and performance. In addition, Campion (2011) states that competency models relate to a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) that enable individuals to perform effectively in their jobs. They need to be considered in light of future job requirements as they impact...
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