Competency Mapping

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This article portrays the importance of competency based human resource Management where it identifies preferred human skills and displays outstanding performance from the average. Management exhibits a sound level of understanding of competency to adequately perform tasks, practically and effectively within quality standards. This article details the competencies where the generic knowledge, motive, strength and skill of a person are linked to superior performance on the job. The article displays the importance of establishing clear high standards and proper analysis of factual data against the set standards.

Competency Mapping has emerged as a major concern for the organization in the recent times and has attracted the attention of the top management. If Competency Mapping is done, then the organization can identify its area of thrust and take necessary actions for future implementation of the activities.

Zensar Technologies which has a successful competency based HR system, points out that competency mapping helps identify the success criteria and the performance excellence required for individuals to be successful in their roles. It is significant that nearly all their HR interventions are linked to competency, Competency refers to the desired level of attitude, knowledge and skills required to do a job in the best possible manner. Competence refers to the actual level of attitude, knowledge and skills possessed by the employee holding a particular job position. In any organization, one of the major concern areas for the Human Resource Department is to determine the competencies of the processes and to evaluate the strength level of the person working on it. HR professionals are entrusted with the responsibility in selection of training and development, administration, deployment support, performance appraisal and performance diagnostics of the employees. Competency mapping is a process of identifying and defining the key competencies of an individual for a particular position in an organisation and then using it for job-evaluation, recruitment, training and development, performance management, succession planning, measurement against well accepted standards. Competency mapping is done to determine the critical activities of the mandatory processes of the organization

Now let us spark our attraction on the application side of competency mapping.

Methodology of Competency Mapping

The most successful method is to employ research methodology using Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) techniques to selectively sample the target population. Following the collection of the behavioral data, it should be sorted, categorized and leveled carefully to create models that are concise and comprehensive, simple and sophisticated.

Using Behavioural Interview methods the organisation creates a model that reflects its own strategy, its own market, its own customers, and the competencies that bring success in that specific context which includes national culture too. As once the model is complete, it can be used more effectively by...
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