Competency Mapping

Topics: Employment, Performance management, Skill Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: March 6, 2011

Rashmi Sharma*
Competency mapping is an area which has been least explored in India.The value of competency mapping is that many employers now purposefully screen employees to hire people with specific competencies. Competency mapping is used for: recruitment and selection, identification of training needs, role renewal, as a basis for conducting assessment development centers, creating competency based performance management systems etc. Employers may need to hire someone who can be an effective team leader or who has demonstrated great active listening skills. Alternately, they may need someone who enjoys taking initiative or someone who is very good at taking direction. When individuals must seek new jobs, knowing one’s competencies can give one a competitive edge in the job market.As the foundation for a competency based performance management system is completed, it is important that everyone understands the competencies that apply to their positions. At all levels of the organization the people in critical positions must understand the hard and soft skills required of them to achieve superior performance. Every organization wants and should expect high performance from each employee. The elements of the Competency mapping will, if implemented well, enable high performance, which will define organizational and personal success. By identifying the critical positions, determining the most important competencies for those positions, providing the education, coaching and feedback to people and by holding each person accountable for their results, an organization can better meet the competitive challenges of today’s marketplace. In this paper in-depth analysis of competency and its applications for enhancing performance is discussed. Focus is also laid on competency modeling as an instrument to ameliorate employees’ productivity and performance.

*HR-Executive,Institute of Business Management, Mangalayatan...
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