Competency Mapping

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Human resources Pages: 28 (8125 words) Published: May 9, 2013
International Review of Business and Economics Vol.2 pp.25-50, October 2012

Analysis on Literature Review of Competency
Su-Chin Hsieh1,* Jui-Shin Lin2

Hung-Chun Lee3

Associate Professor, Department of International Trade and Logistics, Overseas Chinese University Assistant Professor, Department of of Industrial Engineering and Management, Overseas Chinese University



Vice-General Manager, Glory Human Resource Managment Co..LTD Abstract Currently, human resources management has been viewed as a key strategy to low the cost of human capital and improve an organization’s economic growth. The term of “competency” plays the important role in improving job performance and in turn qualifies human resources. Especially, under the climate of globalization, the workplace requires business practitioners to acquire a new set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to face the diversity and complication of the new business environment successfully. The main purpose of this study was to analyze a review of the literature concerning the development, models, categorization, paradigm shift. Especially, the study collected Taiwanese research patterns of competency. Moreover, the system of Taiwan TrainQuali System(TTQS) was presented as a successful example in application of competency.

Key Words: Human resource, Competency, Literature Review, TTQS


corresponding author:

Su-Chin Hsieh Jui-Shin Lin Hung-Chun Lee Analysis on Literature Review of Competency

國際商經評論 第 2 期 頁 25-50 中華民國一○一年十月

謝素琴 1,* 林瑞鑫 2 李鴻鈞 3





中文摘要 近幾十年來, “人”的因素經常是組織成功的重要因素之一;人力資 源管理更經常被視為降低人力資本支出,間接促進經濟成長的重要動 力。「職能」一辭更在增進組織員工工作績效及優化組織人力資源上扮 演重要角色,特別在現今全球化的氛圍之下,職場需要期參與者具備一 套持續更新的知識、技能與工作態度,以因應快速變化的商業環境。本 研究的主要目的在於回顧職能觀念在學術上的發展及在實務上的應用, 並整理分析職能相關的分類模型及現今在職能應用上的典範移轉。另 外,以職能的角度觀察職能的發展以及台灣勞委會職訓局推行「台灣訓 練品職體系」(TTQS)的設計與成效。

關鍵字: 人力資源管理、職能、文獻回顧、TTQS


謝素琴 林瑞鑫 李鴻鈞 職能發展之文獻與分析

International Review of Business and Economics Vol.2 pp.25-50, October 2012

Today, international business has become a highly competitive environment as it continues to move toward globalization. As comparative advantage theory argue that competitive strength is driven by the ability to maximize profit at a lower cost. Since there is much uncertainty over comparative advantages in today’s world economy (Kogut, 1999), human resources management has been viewed as a key strategy to low the cost of human capital and improve an organization’s economic growth (Ibrahimkhan, 2006). Current trends in human resource management place emphasis on the development and application of the term competency, particularly the important role it plays in improving job performance, which in turn achieves heightened organizational competitiveness (Velde, 2001; Cardy & Selvarajan, 2006). Facing new challenges, it is necessary to reevaluate what set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that a professional needs in order to succeed in the rapidly changing global economy. Increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise’s workforce represents increasing its opportunities to be successful. This study presents a literature review on job competency in business settings to consider relevant definitions categorization, and models of competency. Attention is also given to the paradigm shift and application in Taiwan of competency.

Definition of Competency
Early in the 1970s, David McClelland (1973), a professor of Harvard University, proposed the idea of competency as a term used to challenge traditional criteria of assessment which had emphasized intelligence evaluation in the higher education system. His theme provided a conceptual framework that led to many subsequent studies in other fields such as teacher education, vocational education, business management, and human resource management (Spencer & Spencer, 1993). To better understand international trade competencies,...
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