Competency Mapping’ from Human Resource Perspective

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Annexure IV


This is sent to you as a part of my MBA project I am undertaking in this organization on the topic ‘competency mapping’ from Human Resource perspective. •From the organizational point of view this questionnaire is a part of development exercise to know the strength and the areas needing improvements (possible blind spots)

Please rate each competency using the 5-point rating scale

Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

Please tick ‘’ what you feel most appropriate

1.Vision and Purpose
1Sees new possibilities to take the organization to a higher realm54321 2Optimistic. Sees everything with a positive outlook54321 3Creates and communicates compelling vision or direction54321 4Inspires and motivates others with enlightened insights54321

2.Developing people
1Assembles strong teams54321
2Empowers and trains people54321
3Provides rewards, feedback and recognition54321
4Communicates effectively with people54321

3.Values and ethics
1Aligns with company values54321
2Adheres to code of conduct54321
3Ensures that the standards and specifications are kept54321 4Rewards right behaviors54321

1Widely trusted54321
2Takes ownership on the assigned responsibilities54321 3Impartial and fair in exercising the responsibilities54321 4Delivers results on commitment54321

1Sets and achieves ambitious goals54321
2Drives for continuous improvement54321
3Ensures that health, safety and social objectives are integrated into business activities54321 4Gets results consistently54321

6. Basic knowledge and information
1Command of basic facts: Understand the business and have sound knowledge of basic facts surrounding the business such as short and long term goals, and the roles and relationships between various teams.54321 2Relevant professional knowledge: Know the background of management principles including planning, organizing controlling and directing54321 7. Skills and attributes

1Continuing sensitivity to events: Aware of what is going on and is perceptive and open to information; hard information such as figures and facts, and soft information such as feeling of other people54321 2Analytical, problem solving and decision-making skill: Weigh the pros and cons in an uncertain and ambiguous situation, calling for a high level of judgment or taking appropriate decision without much delay54321 3Social skills and abilities: Develop, negotiate, resolve conflict, persuade, use and respond to authority and power so as to get things done54321 4Emotional resilience: Deal with emotional stress and strain that arises as consequence of working situations of authority, leadership, power, targets and deadlines54321 5Pro-activity: Respond to the needs of the instant situation, but while making such a response consider the long-term aims and goals and the impact of immediate decision54321 8. Meta Qualities

1Creativity: Come up with unique ideas or solutions – either ones own ideas or ideas from another source54321 2Mental agility: Grasp problems quickly, think about several things at once, understand the whole situation quickly and ‘think on ones feet’54321 3Balanced learning habits and skills: Use a range of learning process including use of inputs like teaching, discovery from ones own personal experiences and reflection54321 4Self-knowledge: Aware of ones own beliefs, goals, values, feeling, behavior and the part they play in influencing their actions54321 9. Personal competencies

1Assertiveness: Able to state one’s opinion firmly and positively54321 2Integrity: Gain trust and confidence by interacting with...
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