Competency Goal V

Topics: Management, Child, Lesson Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 5, 2011
To ensure a well-run, purposeful program responsive to participant needs

|Functional Area 12: |Candidate is a manager who uses all available resources to | |Program |ensure an effective program operation. The Candidate is a | |Management |competent organizer, planner, record-keeper, communicator | | |and a cooperative co-worker. |

In managing a well-run purposeful program responsive to the needs of the participant I use an approved systematic approach. Organization, planning, record keeping, communication and cooperative co-working are keys to the successfulness of a program and its participants. I use an age appropriate curriculum in developing the lesson plan. This is accomplished by identifying developmentally and culturally appropriate activities and materials daily for each child. In order to ensure a smooth transition I have implemented procedures to include entering and departing the center, going from one activity to another and from one group to another. In the process of having a purposeful program a cohesive relationship is a must and will be attained by using all available resources addressing the individual needs of the child and working with parents. This can be accomplished by recognizing possible learning problems or exceptional skills that a child may have working with parents and specialist to develop plans specific to the needs of each child and if necessary make referrals. Follow up on the child’s progress is very important and is conducted on a predetermined schedule. Three of the types of records I am addressing that are kept on each child and the purposes of each include a...
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