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Competency Goal I

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Competency Goal I
One of the most important things I can do for children is to ensure that an environment is conducive for safety and well-being. I as a teacher need to make sure our indoor and outdoor play areas are free of dangerous conditions and materials. It is my job to make sure and teach safety in the classroom and outside. Each day when we go outside to play there is a checklist that must be filled out everyday. If for some reason, the checklist is found insufficient then we have indoor gross motor play for that day and until the conditions are safe for the children. In addition to teaching safety I must also teach compassion and comfort, as well as give these vital components to our children. I believe that one of our main goals is to help preschoolers learn to stop dangerous actions towards themselves and others. Adults should model and encourage good health and nutrition habits with children. Children imitate what the adults in their lives do. Good health habits are shown through modeling and encouraging basic daily health needs such as frequent hand washing, tooth brushing, and eating nutritiously, all of these are done on a daily basis in my classroom. Children are amazed with their own bodies and can learn about them and learn the reasons for good health practices. Physical activity goes hand in hand with nutrition when teaching young children to be healthy, Outdoor playtime and indoor gross motor activities are a vital part of being healthy in mind and body. All current emergency information is kept in the classroom for easy access as well as the office. I also make sure that the “special health concerns” folder is easily accessible to all staff that may enter the classroom. I am always on the watch for abuse and neglect. I watch for the behaviors that may indicate such, and report when necessary. I always have a positive attitude with the children and staff, and do all I can to keep the classroom in a relaxed atmosphere....

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