Competency Goal Statement 2

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  • Published : June 26, 2012
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Competency Goal II
To advance physical development and intellectual competence
Functional Area: Physical
In our program, we have many opportunities throughout our day to promote physical development. Some of the ways we do this are:
* At recess, students have access to playground equipment. ( We have special equipment for 3 year olds) They climb, slide, run, jump, skip, gallop, balance, etc... * At recess, our students like to play games such as Tag, Follow the Leader or Hide and Seek. * P.E. every day for 30 minutes. Monday and Wednesday we have music and movement. Tuesday and Thursday we play games like dodge ball or beach ball volleyball. Fridays we sometimes have Stations with tricycles, jump ropes, hula hoops, relay races, etc... One activity our students really enjoy is an indoor snowball fight. We use mats for fort walls and wadded up paper for the balls. * To incorporate music and movement into circle time. We dance and sing silly songs. Every day we sing "The Months of the Year" song accompanied by Macarena body movements. * After nap time, wake up to fun or silly music and have a little dance party before going home for the day.

Functional Area: Cognitive
We try to encourage the students in our class to use their cognitive skills. Some of the ways we do this are:
* Playing games like Alphabet Go Fish to improve letter recognition. * Providing sorting and category games (large, medium, and small) in our Math/Science center. * In the writing center, students working on recognizing the letters in their names. * In the math/science center, working with students stringing beads, creating patterns and sorting by color or shape. * Occasionally changing the theme of the home center to build and expand students vocabulary.

Functional Area: Communication
In our program, we communicate with our students continuously throughout the day to ensure their well being and to help them understand what's going on around them. Some of the ways we...
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