Competency Goal 6

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Competency Goal VI
To maintain a commitment to professionalism
Function Area 13: Professionalism
As a professional, I promote child development, learning and build family and community relationships. I continue to attend professional development sessions and read articles about early childhood. I am a continuous, collaborative learner who demonstrates knowledge in my field from all types of sources. The Philadelphia School District provides the Head Start staff with many in-service training programs that are built into my schedule. My on-site professional development ideals with areas such as the curriculum, nutrition, health, mental health, career development and parent involvement. As a teacher assistant, I do on-going observation of the students in the classroom; I gather information about many skills on a checklist. This includes writing, print awareness, language, and the purposeful use of materials. When I do observations, they include detailed notes so I can relate them more easily to many of the goals and objectives set for the children. I focus on about four children a day and spend about 15 minutes during rest time looking over my observations. I make sure the classroom is arranged so that there are interesting hands-on activities for all children. Also, I arrange space so that the children can navigate in and out of the space safely. I help choose activities that best meet all children’s abilities. Also, I participant in helping the children at mealtimes, I guide them washing their hands before and after each meal. I have the children assist in setting the tables, instruct them to keep all food and utensils on the placemats, and encourage them to use all utensils. I sit at the table with the children and model appropriate mealtime behavior. When I sit...

Cda Goal 6
Competency Goal Six
To maintain a commitment to professionalism I will introduce daily opportunities for the children within the classroom to explore their surrounding world...
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