Competency Goal 6

Topics: Developmental psychology, Fine motor skill, Skill Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: May 24, 2012
Temico Singh

Competency Goal VI
To maintain a commitment to professionalism, I understand that communication is important. Not just with the children and other teachers, but with the parent’s as well. I feel that the parents are the primary teachers and I am the secondary teacher. Good communication can help with earning the parents trust as well as their participation and support. This also allows me to inform the parents of their child’s daily activities, development, and any problems or concerns I may have, and it also allows the parents to feel comfortable enough to express any concerns or suggestions they may also have.

As a professional, I promote child development and learning. I meet the children where they are and build off where they are individually not just developmentally because every child is different; and just because a child is not at the same level as another child doesn’t mean that they are not accomplishing anything. I praise every milestone regardless of how big or small, and I encourage the parents to do the same. I also tell the children I work with that an accomplishment is big even if it is not what I was looking for them to achieve, anything is better than nothing. Its progress and they are still doing great and if there is no progress then we need to change something’s and keep going. This is why I would set goals for the children. In doing this I can observe the skills each child has so that I can plan appropriate activities at the children’s skill levels. These skills would include writing, language, use of materials, and fine motor skills.

I also think that classroom organization is important in maintaining a commitment to professionalism. I would need to make sure that the classroom is arranged properly, so that there are hands on activities such as, sand and water table, craft and writing, puzzles and games, and block areas for the children. I would also have to make sure that these areas were arranged so that...
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