Competency Goal 4

Topics: Psychology, Education, Play Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Competency Goal 4: To Establish Positive and Productive Relationships with Families Develop trust between the teacher and parent. This is accomplished by treating each other with mutual respect. Understanding the role that you play as the teacher and the parent plays as their primary caregiver. Constantly keep open dialogue about the students’ progress and areas of needed growth. Keep updated in student’s interests, activities at home, upcoming events. Be willing to engage in conversation about child’s behavior at home so that the parent and teacher are on the same page in regards to actions taken at school, should certain behaviors arise. Be aware of and honor the differences there might be in social status, cultures, how the children are being raised at home and religious upbringing. Respect the diversity amongst the entire classroom. Take continuing education classes to constantly be growing in your field. Take refresher courses as well as learn new ideas and ways to become a better teacher. This shows families that you care enough to invest the time. Include the families. Provide opportunities for them to add input into class topics, ideas for learning through play. Solicit open discussion about things that they are interested in seeing their child learn or do. Have resources on hand for them should they want to become more involved or learn about your classroom. Be open to their participation once you have established their willingness to cooperate with the guidelines of the classroom. Keep a clear head. Don’t overstep your bounds. Stay emotionally level. Not too far one way or the other. Parents will recognize if you are competing with them for their child’s attention or affection.
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