Competency Goal 1

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Competency Goal 1
Functional Area 1: Safe
It is important to maintain a safe environment for students inside and outside of the classroom. My goal is to make sure that the children understand what being safe is. I make sure that they know how to play safe. All of the toys and the materials that the children use are safe. I make sure that there are no broken toys that may harm them around. The children along with me create the class rules. I make sure that the outlet plugs are in place and that the cabinets are secure. The children follow the classroom rules. I make sure that I supervise the children at all times. I also make sure that I observe the areas where they play, work, and eat. I make sure that shoes are tied. I make sure that the children use walking feet when we walk down the halls and in the classroom. When we transition to go outside we have to cross over an area where the cars drive. We make sure that we stop, look, and listen for cars and put out caution cones before we go to the playground. I also check the playground for sticks, trash, glass or any other items that can cause harm. I am also CPR certified so I know the procedure to help a child or adult in need. We have emergency plans displayed in the classroom. The children are aware of what to do in the case of emergency such as a fire. We make sure that the windows and the doors are secure at the end of the day. Functional Area 2: Healthy

One of my goals in the functional area of health is to keep the classroom sanitized. I do a health check on the children to see if anyone has visible scratches, bruises, scrapes, rashes, runny noses, and eyes. I make sure that if the children have runny noses they have access to the Kleenex. The children know that it is important to cough or sneeze inside of their elbow. I make sure that I sanitize the tables using the three step process which is; soap, water, and bleach and water. The bottles that are used for sanitizing are labeled and placed in a...
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