Competency # 4

Topics: Child, Bathroom, The Child Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: April 25, 2011
COMPETENCY # 4: To Establish positive and productive relationships with families. To establish positive and productive relationships with families I believe it’s very important to keep communication open. Families have the right to know: the program goals; philosophy; expectations for children, families, and staff operating assumptions and practices that will accomplish the goals’ and how resources are allocated to achieve goals. There are several ways I will communicate with the families about these things and what might be going on with their child. Some vehicles of information I may use might include notes, journals, conferences, documentation panels, displayed planning forms and objectives, web pages, and meetings. I will also talk with the parents in the morning and when they pick them up about any changes or challenges the child might be going through. I will also inform them on the highlights and accomplishments that day. Some of the other forms or documentation I use to keep record of the child might include: when their child’s diaper was changed or when they went to the bathroom, how much they ate or what they ate, how much they drank or what they drank, comments about their child’s daily activities, and any concerns or questions I might have. I will also send home a weekly newsletter. This newsletter enables me to inform parents of the activities planned for the coming week. What art projects we will be doing, which songs we will be singing and to encourage the parents involvement. I will encourage the parents to stop by at any time and see what we are working on and to stick around and see what goes on during the day. I feel it’s important for the parents to feel welcome and involved. If the parents are working their children on something at home, I am more than willing to keep that up while in my care. This is important for the child to have consistency and for the parents to feel secure in knowing that all their hard work at home is being continued....
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