Competencies of Entrepreneurs

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Competencies of Entrepreneurs

By | November 2012
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1. Entrepreneurial competencies are seen as important to business growth and success. Entrepreneurial competencies is important because it provides entrepreneurs with knowledge about the way they should operate their business and encourages them to be conscious of the potential positive or negative impacts of their own behaviour.

Competencies constitute a cluster of related knowledge, attitudes, and skills, which an individual acquires and uses together, to produce outstanding performance in any given area of responsibility. In fact, in competency based training all three factors - knowledge, attitudes and skills must be effectively addressed, and taught in an integrated manner. This is the only way outstanding performance can be achieved.


- Initiative

- Sees and Acts on Opportunities

- Persistence

- Knowing

- Concern for High Quality Contract

- Efficiency Orientation

- Problem solving

- Self-confidence

- Assertiveness

- Persuasion

- Use of Influence Strategies

- Monitoring

- Concern for Employee Welfare

3. No. The dream is the fuel that keeps people going when times get tough. All successful entrepreneurs are big dreamers. Without a dream people will quit when when times get tough. Anyone that has succeeded in any area of life has faced insurmountable obstacles at some point along their journey. The dream is what kept them going. Entrepreneurs have a lot of guts because their journey along the way will be a long and lonely one. Most people don’t understand the mentality of an entrepreneur because they have given up on their dreams and have lost hope in their lives. Entrepreneurs will face criticisms, obstacles and many stumbling blocks along their journey. That’s why it it so important for people to always fight for their dreams and never give up. One of a good traits of successful entrepreneur is never stop dreaming. They never stop dreaming regardless of their circumstances or obstacles. This...

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