Competencies for Job Shop

Topics: Management, Project management, Vertical integration Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Job shop is a category of process flow which caters to a large variety of products with low volumes. To have a high efficiency of operations in such an environment the following competencies are required, 1.High Skilled Labour- L&T, HE has an excellent chunk of skilled workforce which has been trained in-house and is permanent employees of the organisation. This helps the organisation retain this critical resource required for JOB Shop But in the recent past the company’s policies have been changed for introduction of more contract labour in place of temporary workforce to reduce costs and ease of shifting its operations from Mumbai to other places. This may be a drawback to the company in the long run 2.General Purpose Machines/Process- L&T, HE is a fabrication based company and most of the machines are general purpose machinery with a very high level of flexibility for accommodating a large variety of products. It has a low level of automation 3.Flexible Flow- L&T, HE has a high degree of flexibility in the process flow, i.e it has a jumbled flow configuration and the products can flow according to the variety of product and the process required for processing them. It is more of a process layout rather than a product layout 4.Strong Process Planning- L&T, HE has recently reorganised itself to have a strong process planning department. The earlier organisational structure used to be a Project Management Group and a Shop Floor Coordinator. But having felt the need for a strong Planning department to control the traffic in operations it was recently decided to have a dedicated Planning department which has yielded the fruits. But still this area has huge scope for improvement 5.Supplier Integration- Normally Job shops bids for projects and most of the raw materials are procured after winning the bid. For this reason it is important to have collaboration with suppliers so that there are no delays for procurement. L&T has a good integration with suppliers and...
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