Competencies and Competitive Advantage of Old Chang Kee

Topics: Food, Business, Management Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Part 4
Competencies and competitive advantage of Old Chang Kee

Considering to what the competitive advantage Old Chang Kee possesses, it is obviously the food product, especially Curry Puff. As there are a lot of homemade food products like this from the competitors, but the factor that leads Old Chang Kee shares customers that competitors cannot match is the taste come with the price. The affordable price range makes a wide range of customers. All products of Old Chang Kee were priced between $1 to $2. This means that Old Chang Kee can serve its food to the young children even down age into the kids. The customers would be the seven-year-old children. Notably, the wide range of customers that are able to afford to purchase food products from the retail outlet would also welcome consumers who were still not full after their meal to purchase any food products from the outlets (, 2013). The several menu of food product at least 30 menus tempts the consumers to choose the new style not only the Curry Puff. This , then , becomes the advantage of Old Chang Kee that is able to keep the puff lovers, old consumers, with the new product to increase source of revenues and increase the group’s revenues (,2012) Quality Control is remarkable. The company is committed to maintain high standard and high level of quality control to deliver foods which are safe to consumers. Old Chang Kee obtained HACCP certification. This was to certify that the manufacturing of currying puffs, starting from handling of raw materials to processing, storing and delivery of the products. Quality control procedures are not only the quality of high standard, but hygiene control, maintenance of equipment, cleaning and sanitation, raw material control are the most important which Old Chang Kee cares to serve consumers. In the retail outlets are participated to up the class of the company to be advantage. The staffs are trained to keep the...
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