Competence of the Aviation Industry/Core Competence of British Airways

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  • Published : June 19, 2012
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This Essay critically examines British Airways ,its core competences which differentiates it from others in the Industry, it is also going to show how these competences give British Airways competitive advantage , value added will be discussed as well and lastly how internal and external factors will affect British Airways and its ability to achieve its core competence.

According to Ansoff, Mcdonnell (1990) as cited in Cole, G.A (1994) “Strategic management is a systematic approach for managing strategic change which consists of: Positioning of the firm through strategy and capability planning, real time strategic response through issue management, In addition systematic management of resistance during strategic implementation. Competencies

In their study, Evans, Campbell and Stone house (2003) found that competence is an attribute or a collection of attributes possessed by all or most of the organizations in a sector of industry. They went further to say competence develops from resources and embody skills, technology or know how. For instance, in order to operate an airline, a company must possess a range of competences in arranging: Licences to operate the required capacity to the specified destinations, ground handling activities to ensure customers are checked on to their flights and that they are transported to and from their accommodation. Hamel and Prahalad (1994) has also expresses a similar view which states that competence is a bundle of skills ,techniques and a sum of learning across individual skill sets and units. Competencies of British Airways

British Airways have some basic competencies; Training of ground school flight simulators and cabin crew safety (baft, 2009) They have the ability to fly and manage passengers safety unlike others in the industry, Fleet of 245 aircraft accessing over 550 destinations (British Airways, 2008) Economies of Scale from ongoing specialised suppliers such as Gate Gourmet and Alpha...
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