Compere/Contrast Essay (Iphone - Bb)

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, Personal digital assistant Pages: 4 (543 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Battle between iPhone and BlackBerry

iPhone and the BlackBerry competition’s may have become an old story for anyone. As

we know, the BlackBerry dominates the market until Apple launched its revolutionary

product, iPhone. iPhone and BlackBerry, are two successful leading mobile phone, but

differ in terms of features and appearance. Even until now, still a major consideration for

buying an iPhone or a BlackBerry. Some differences of these two brand new phone are.

IPhone’s design is a revolutionary  design in the world of mobile phones. Blackberry has a

good and smart display but not as pretty as the iPhone. If style is major consideration in

buying a mobile phone, the iPhone is the right choice for you. IPhone is a combination of

elegance and beauty design.

E-Mail Service of Blackberry is the best. Blackberry using Microsoft Exchange Server with

Push Email service that quickly download messages from mobile phones and BlackBerry

has LED indicates that new messages have been received by your BlackBerry. Unlike the

iPhone which shows new messages in 15 minutes and should be checked by the active user.

Any discussion about the iPhone is not complete yet without talking about their great

applications. Blackberry does not provide sufficient access for BlackBerry application

developers. The impact is outdated and uninteresting applications . While the iPhone is the

easiest device to develop applications. No wonder when you buy the iPhone, millions

applications have been waiting for you to be downloaded.

The Blackberry browser is too primitive compared to safari of the iPhone. But safari is run

slower than Blackberry’s browser via The Edge.

Every Blackberry (except Storm) has a QWERTY keyboard which extremely qualified and

accurate in typing. While the iPhone uses a virtual keyboard, which we must learn hard to

get used to it. Fortunately, the iPhone’s screen is supported with the best touch screen in...
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