Comperative Analysis of Onegin Movie and Novel

Topics: Eugene Onegin, Martha Fiennes, Alexander Pushkin Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Asel Shamenkova Ψ-107
RLM in American Cinema
Reflection Paper

There are some people who have not only favorite novels, stories or poems, but also they think that this particular book can describe their selves better than anything else. They like this works because they associate themselves with lead character, or may be they had the same story, and finally they like it because they want to have such life. On my opinion Martha Fiennes decided to create this movie because she had similar situation or at least feelings in her life. And of course she liked the way that Pushkin described it. So in 1999 she made a decision to make movie which became a reflection of her perception of Evgeni Onegin novel. Two parts of book were excluded. The first one is the childhood of Evgeni. This part could explain us why Onegin is Onegin. His upbringing is the best way to understand his personality, because most of the things we were learnt were in childhood. And the second one is Tatiana’s dream. I think this part is more important then intimate scene of Tatiana and her husband. Overall director did not miss anything important. She just changed details. For instance, according to the book Onegin met Lensky for the first time in his house, but in the movie they met in the forest while Lensky was singing a song and Evgeni was hunting. Other example could be the place and time when Tatiana and Evgeni talked. In book they met in several days after she wrote the letter in the garden. And in the movie they met on her birthday in the summerhouse. Also, interesting thing that Martha Fiennes showed jealousy of Tatiana as the core reason for Evgeni danced with her sister, while in the book Lensky supposed to be jealous: Чудак, попав на пир огромный, Уж был сердит. Но, девы томной Заметя трепетный порыв. С досады взоры опустив, Надулся он и, негодуя,...
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