Compensation Project

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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We will provide career growth and development, a competitive compensation and benefits package which includes medical, dental , tuition reimbursement program travel compensation vision, dental, life insurance;; and credit union membership  The average salary for senior communications analyst jobs in Scottsdale, AZ is $67,000 depending on the size and age of the company ("Simply Hired", 2012). Providing a comprehensive and attractive medical benefit package is tough with today’s medical insurance premiums. HMO’s are generally the most popular medical benefits used in compensation packages. Employee’s pick a primary care physician who manages the health care of the recipient. This allows management of referrals to specialist allowing cost management to implements and maintained at the care physician level. Usually the recipient must pay small copay for each visit and the rest is paid by the insurance company "How to Build a Competitive Employee Benefits Package". POP’s are the most expensive type of medical plans and are usually reserved for mainly large corporations used as a incentive to attract and retain employees "How To Build A Competitive Employee Benefits Package". Dental insurance is not required to be covered by employers, but are a great incentive that should be included in compensation plans when recruiting top line employees. There are several plans available from fully funded employer plans to partially funded employer plans "How To Build A Competitive Employee Benefits Package". 401K retirements plans are a great incentive to attract qualified individuals to the company. 401k retirement programs are and employees and sometimes employer based retirement program that is disbursed upon retirement and can be rolled over from one company to another  "How To Build A Competitive Employee Benefits Package". Paid vacation time can be incremental in lengths of time and can be a big incentive in retention Starting with 1 week for the first year and...
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