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  • Published: February 3, 2013
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Having health and retirement benefits when working at a job are an essential aspect for most employees because they assess with their family and home life. I did my presentation for compensation and benefits on Wells Fargo Advisors, a company that is well known for its financial background. I also work for this company. I work in the IRA Rapid Rollover department as a Rapid Rollover Specialist. I assist Financial Advisors, Personal Bankers, and Financial Mangers with bringing over clients 401K plans and putting them into IRAs at Wells Fargo. I love what I do, especially when the clients are having problems with getting their funds rolled over. HISTORY

On March 18, 1852, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo founded and created Wells, Fargo & Company. The new company offered banking and express services to Gold Rush pioneers. Wells and Fargo saw opportunity, followed their dream and left a strong heritage. On July 13, 1852 they opened for business in San Francisco and Sacramento, California. Since 1852 tells the story of Wells Fargo and its rich heritage. It showcases the people, communities, and legacies that now are part of Wells Fargo’s story. The business they founded nearly 160 years ago has grown into one of America’s most respected and honored companies. Wells Fargo Has Been A Bank: Since 1852 to today - from buying gold to online banking. An Express Company: 1852 to 1918 - rapid delivery of gold, mail and valuables. A Stagecoach Company: From 1866 to 1869, though involved with operating stage lines since 1858. However, from 1852 to 1918 Wells Fargo used anything and everything to deliver customers’ business – stagecoaches, steamships, the Pony Express, and railroads. Like many other businesses, companies may employ key executives who are critical to your success. Retaining these important individuals can be challenging in today's competitive environment. That's why you should consider implementing an executive benefits plan in addition to...
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