Compensated Dating in Hong Kong

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Enjo-kōsai or compensated dating has become a worrying social problem in Hong Kong nowadays. Compensated dating is a practice which originated from Japan where older men give money and/ or luxury gifts to women as the compensation for their companionship, and possibly sexual favors. Literally, compensated dating is different with prostitution as it involves non-sexual activities such as shopping, karaoke singing and friend making but the latter straightly means trade of sexual services for money regardless of reluctance if there is any. It is certainly universal to read the news headlines about teenage girls ranging within the schooling age involve in this trend of sex-money-exchange in recent years. Following a talk with my mother who ages 65 years, it was uncommon or almost non-existent in those years (60’s) where she was still a young lady of 20 years. As a student major in Economics discipline, my keen interest in explaining this emerging ethical-code-contravening phenomenon using the cost-and-benefit principle has aroused. The main motivation for girls partaking in compensated dating, or a euphemism for prostitution, is money. No matter in the past 50 years, or recent years, girls could receive a relatively large sum of fast money. Under the influence of materialism, youngsters crave money to own brand-name luxuries to gain satisfaction and jealousy from friends. Financial ability of men contributes to the outburst of compensated dating coherently. In the past, people worked hard to eke out their livings. Many cannot even make both ends meet. The picture is totally different nowadays. As a loyal proponent of laissez-faire capitalism since 1960s, Hong Kong’s economy has been rapidly developed . Strong economic growth brings enormous enhancements in the living standard as well as income earnings of Hong Kong’s citizens due to more newly created job opportunities, basically. Men would thus have more extra cash for entertainment expenditure including compensated...
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