Compensated Dating

Topics: Adolescence, Peer group, Childhood Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to reply to the letter about the issue of compensated dating from Julia Wong.
I am wrenched to learn that many adolescent girls are entangled in this unscrupulous behavior. I think we should recue our prospective leaders from this distressing condition. We should first understand the reasons that trigger off this problem and then find out solutions. Fundamental to the prevalence of compensated dating among Hong Kong’s teenage girls are multifaceted factors, with peer pressure the most important. Look around the street, all the teenagers are using Iphones , carrying handbags of a famous brand and wearing the chicest clothing. People of tender age are highly impressionable and may follow suit in regardless of their ability. Inasmuch as if they don’t follow the trend, he or she may seems all of a kind and hence be isolated. Accordingly, they are coerced into earning money by compensated dating.

Aside from peer pressure, the lack of parental care also shed light on the phenomenon. Had the parents provided adequate care, the youngsters would have been dissuaded from compensated dating. In the vast majority of Hong Kong’s families, both parents are entirely devoted to their work, not eager to spend time on their children and starving the children of love and care. Thus, those adolescents yearn for gain love and care from their customers.

No matter what their reasons are, compensated dating is far from endurable. Compensated dating can mar their future. It is a road to no return as compensated dating may lead to unwanted pregnancy, contraction of sexually-transmitted diseases and girls may hurt by the ‘clients’. That’s why, it brooks no delay to put the problem to a halt.

To wipe out compensated dating, in the first place, the government should shut down the internet sites which are alleged to be breeding grounds for compensated dating. Furthermore, the government should set up its law-enforcement. Those people who are involved...
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