Compatibility Maturity Model

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  • Published : June 18, 2006
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Capability Maturity Model

Capability Maturity Model is a reference model of mature practices in a specified discipline, used to assess a group's capability to perform that discipline. CMM is a collection of instructions an organization can follow with the purpose to gain better control over its Software development process. Capability Maturity Models differ by discipline, structure (staged versus continuous), how maturity is defined and how capability is defined. CMM are used in process Improvement, Process Definition, Competency Assessment, Risk Management and Communication.

There are two structural representation of CMM and these are the continuous and staged representation. The continuous representation is a capability maturity model structure wherein capability levels provide a recommended order for approaching process improvement within each specified process area. The Staged representation is a model structure wherein attaining the goals of a set of process areas establishes a maturity level; each level builds a foundation for subsequent levels.

The CMM ranks software development organizations in a hierarchy of five stages or levels, each with a progressively greater capability of producing quality software. Each stage is described as a level of maturity and these 5 levels are equipped with different number of instructions to follow. The five stages of the CMM model are Initial, Repeatable, Defined, Managed and Optimizing. The Initiation Stage describe the processes that are ad-hoc, chaotic or actually few processes are defined. In Repeatable Stage, basic processes are established and there is a level of discipline to stick to these processes. The Defined Stage is all processes that are defined, documented, standardized and integrated into each other. Managed Stage is processes that are measured by collecting detailed data on the processes and their quality. And Optimizing Stage are the continuous process improvement that is adopted and in place by...
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