Compatibilism: Determinism and Internal Desires

Topics: Determinism, Free will, Libertarianism Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Compatibilism accepts that determinism and free will both exist. Although they believe both to exist, compatibilists are determinists, because they believe that actions are determined by internal desires and outside forces. Compatibilists unlike determinists do accept that free will exists in the sense that people only act freely when following their internal desires, without interference from outside forces. While compatibilists are considered to be determinists, there is one idea that separates them from each other, and that is the idea of free will. The evidence that suggest compatibilism to be a valid point of view is that, (take out comma) people clearly have outside forces that determine what they do, or the decisions they make. An example of this is if I were to say, I didn’t drive my car for a week, and someone asked me if I chose to do that of my own free will and I said no I didn’t have the money to pay to fill up my gas tank. This example shows that by not filling up my gas tank is determined by my (take out my) not having money to do it, which follows the idea that things are determined by outside forces. On the other hand, and (add a comma after hand and take out the d on and) example of free will would be if I walked outside because I wanted to, without anything making me. I would have an internal desire to go outside, which would show that free will exists. A determinists would find this to be wrong, because they believe that free will does not exist.

A determinist might respond to compatabilism by saying, that even when only having internal desires, that weren’t accompanied by any outside forces, which in a compatibilist view would show that free will exists, ( maybe add a period here instead of having a comma ? ) the determinists would interpret the internal desire as being created in the first place by the person's environment and or heredity, which would mean to them that we have a determined existence. An example a...
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