Topics: Human, Suffering, Bullying Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: April 7, 2013
LaDonna Karpan
English 101
Paper #1(Definition Paper)

Having spent years in an abusive relationship, she was bitter and angry. She had lived a very sheltered life which contributed to her being co-dependent. After finally being free from her abuser, she found herself headed down a very different type of dangerous slope. She thought she needed to be with someone, anyone, who would show her the kind of love she had always dreamed of. After months of searching, he found her. He loved her unconditionally and showed her how to be a better person. Although he came with major “baggage”, she loved him so deeply and it was that love that brought out her true colors; bringing forth her compassion and eliminating the bitterness and anger. Her compassion towards others is her best attribute while simultaneously being her worst weakness.

Compassion is ultimately the golden rule; “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. Compassion is trying to see things from the other person’s perspective. Compassion is feeling another’s pain right along with them. Compassion is wanting to comfort someone when they are hurting. Although these days it is an unfortunate rarity among the human race, compassion is a vital necessity for a healthy society.

Society tends to be anything but compassionate these days. Compassion is not judging someone for their mistakes. It is not jumping to conclusions before getting both sides of the story. It is not really caring what the circumstances are but rather supporting someone in spite of those circumstances. It is not vengeful, spiteful, uncaring or selfish.

Compassion is like a gift; one that both the giver and the receiver benefit from. The giver feels just as good for giving it as does the receiver accepting it. Compassion is like a breath of fresh air: once shown towards someone it proves some element of this rare trait still exists among our society today. Compassion is the driving force behind...
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