Compasrison of Pizza Hut and Dominos

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Comparison of Pizza hut and Dominos
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“In the name of Almighty Allah, the most beneficent and merciful to the mankind.” This project would not be possible without the encouragement and guidance of number of people. We feel highly obliged and want to express our deepest gratitude to our respected teacher for his advice, help and guidance throughout this semester. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our parents and friends for their inspirations, love and constant support.  

We will study the impact of employee’s commitment toward quality and vice versa. In the company, they already have implemented TQM so through this study, we measured the degree of implementation in the organization and what are the factor   that are affected the commitment level and to check how much they are satisfied with the TQM implement. For this purpose, we have made the questionnaire which consisting of multiple-choice questions. We will collect the data from them and after that we will tabulate them and interpret them and give the recommendation.  

Focus of the problem:
The main emphasis will be on to find out quality employee’s commitment toward their work as a result total quality implementation.  
* Employees of the organization may hide the fact.
* The management did not agree to disclose all the confidential data. * Number of respondents is very less, so clear conclusion can’t be drawn. * Time was major constraint.
* Limited information was available.
* The limited access on the data was available.
Executive Summary
The operations standards are the key path defining elements in any business. Without set procedures optimal results cannot be obtained. From the comparative study of these two Fast food chains Pizza hut and Domino’s we understand that on which front, which company is weaker than others. As we know that Pizza hut is the largest pizza restaurant company in the world with 12000 outlets in 90 countries But after all Domino’s which has First mover advantage and customer base; cannot succeed as most favorable brand in between the people of those who likes Pizzas. From this study we know that pizza hut makes its number 1 position in between peoples. And in the preference side people also prefer Pizza hut rather than dominoes. In price category the price of the pizza is less in Domino’s rather than pizza-hut but once again the quality of pizza and the conditions which is imposed by the dominoes for door-steps services makes domino’s less attractive.  

Aims and Objectives
* To find out the prevailing operations standards at pizza hut. * Investigate the variance or deviations in overall productivity due to non compliance of * the operations standards.
* Investigate the customer experience with pizza hut.
* Investigate the cause and effects of variances in operations standards and its impacts * on customer experience.
* Investigate the factors responsible for product success. * Investigate impacts of the training and development of each unit on overall business * productivity.
* Investigate the possible external factors that can have impacts on the business * productivity.
The BENEFITS of this study are:
* We will come to know the role of quality management towards success. * We will be able to know how ISO standards play its role in achieving the goals of the organization. * We will find out what are the standards requirements towards quality. * We will analyze the approach of implementation of ISO standards and the impact of non implementation of ISO.  

This research is based on...
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