Comparrison Essay the Village and Anthem

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Courtney Terrell

The Village, directed by, M. Night Shyamalan and Anthem, Written by, Ayn Rand is both cabalistic and grasping. Every moment something unexpected happens and your lead into the unforeseen story being told. Anthem and The Village, have both similarities and differences. They have similar worlds but different aspects on how they are supposed to live in that world. Many differences are found in Anthem and The Village. In Anthem there is a different setting and the people have different thoughts. The society keeps secrets from them even secrets that can help their society. In The Village, it’s a smaller town with people who have their own names, other than Equality 7-2521 or “we”. When Ivy goes into the forest she encounters the beast and defeats it. Whereas, Equality doesn’t even see the ‘beast’. The differences give the book and movie their own individuality. The differences show how a similar book and movie can have the same idea but have different concepts. Anthem and The Village are very similar. In both; the women do most work while men do some. They also have an uncharted forest. Both stories include someone entering the forbidden/uncharted forest. Lucius and Equality are similar characters; they are both brave and speak their thoughts. These events show the author and directors similar thoughts in plot. The story and movie put together would make an even better story with the surprises and encounters. I think they were more similar than different. The events that happened were, both stories entering the forbidden forest and the similarities between characters. They are both a great book and movie. They are very much alike and I would say read the book Anthem first then watch the movie The Village. Their very thrilling!
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