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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Morris, Destiny
English 101, Smith
September 29, 2011
Comparison Essay
At first glance, the articles Male -Bashing on TV by Michael Abernethy and Wonder Woman by Gloria Steinem would not seem similar at all. However, if you take a much closer look at these two articles you will see that they are similar in many ways as well as different in several others. Comparing and contrasting is import because it illustrates ideas about the article that we may not have noticed before. In the article Male-Bashing on TV, it discusses the use of media and the affect that it has on our society. This article’s purpose is to expose the way the media portrays men. The media describes men as sluggish, dumb, and no good. These views have an extreme way of impacting society today. Abernethy’s article reveals various television shows that have male characters in them suggesting that men are useless without women. According to Gender Issues in Advertising Language, “television portrayals that help create or reinforce negative stereotypes can lead to problems with self- image, self- concept, and personal aspirations.”

In the article Wonder Woman we see how the comic super- hero Wonder Woman was a revelation for women around the world, and a new way to represent women. Although, the question seems to remain whether or not her character was symbolizing was something that negatively affected our society or helped women to identify themselves. This article also stresses the importance media and entertainment has on people and how these images help mold and shape the characters of people today. Wonder Woman was seen as an ideal independent and strong woman who never needed a man. Steinem exposes Wonder Woman as a character that was used to sway women into accepting women’s liberation. Steinem notes that, “women get a rare message of independence, of depending on themselves, not even on Wonder Woman. You saved yourselves, as she says in one of her inevitable morals at story’s end. I...
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