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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Compare/Contrast on Gilbert and Tan
Amy Tans “Fish Cheeks.” and Elizabeth Gilberts “The Best Pizza in the World.” separate American women (one being an adolesant the other adult) in two different countries. These two contrasting accounts highlight a difference in maturity, acceptance of who they are, and appreciation of how the different cultures are of great value. Both women describe their experiences involving life, food, and their inner most thoughts.

When Amy Tan falls in love with the minister’s son at the young age of fourteen, she takes for granted what her mother was trying to show her about life. Young Amy’s trying to impress her boyfriend by appearing as a traditional American girl not wanting to appear in any way Chinese American. Tan, still not experiencing life yet, had not grasped that being different is what makes someone who they are. It wasn’t until many years later that she came to realize that all her mother was trying to express to her was that she should be proud of her Chinese heritage. “But inside you must always be Chinese. You must be proud you are different. Your only shame is to have shame.” (117) She was not appreciating the diversity of different cultures and how both cultures have their own richness and value. Tan was embarrassed the whole time at Christmas dinner when she was trying to impress her young love Robert not realizing that her mother was making the meal for her. “For Christmas Eve that year, she had chosen all my favorite foods.” (117) Elizabeth Gilbert almost forgot that she, herself, was an American. After giving young girl directions to a train station and feeling like she was missing out on a great travel; she realized that she too was a traveler. Gilbert felt like she was a civilian in Rome because she paid bills there but she was, in actuality, just traveling. So in an instant Gilbert and her friend Sophie hit the road to Naples. Gilbert, in contrast was indulging herself in the food, lifestyle and...
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