Comparitive Essay on Brothers Are the Same and Through the Tunnel

Topics: Adult, Adulthood, English-language films Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Brothers Are The Same and Through the Tunnel have a lot of similarities. Both of the stories are trying to prove a point on some ways kids enter their adulthood. Being tested on certain subjects and specialties. In this case it's courage strength and bravery. Courage strength and bravery can always have different ways of being proved.

In the story Through the Tunnel Jerry a kid that sets his self a task to go through to know he is not scared and is brave enough to actually do what the older kids did. His task was to swim through a very narrow tunnel like the older kids did. At first to accomplish his goal before the summer vacation ends he is going to practice to stay under the water for about two minutes and thirty seconds. After all thse practice he had, a day before his summer vacation ended he decided to be brave and over come his fear and go through the tunnel. Going through the tunnel was a hard task where Jerry almost gave up but he accomplished it with great success. He is brave with a lot of courage and strength but stupid to do that.

The same idea is going on in the story Brothers are the Same Medoto a strong teenager, who has to prove to his tribe that he is a strong brave and that he has enough courage to fight a lion. Medoto is someone that really wishes to prove the fact that he has all these abilities to be a full grown adult. The second biggest reason on why he wants to be an adult is because of a girl he loves. Finally his day comes some fully grown adults and some teenagers surround a lion in a circle early in the morning as the sun rises. The lion is suppose to a person to attack while being in the circle of dozen of people. At first the lion chooses to fight someone else but Medoto's enemy Temas that threw a rock at the lion so it turned around to attack Medoto instead of the other guy. Later he learns that Temas was helping him. They deside that the girl will have to chose between them.
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