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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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North America’s Deadliest Driving Taboos

English 100 University Writing
October 21, 2012

The idea of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, for most people, is one not spoken of, but what about modern society’s other driving taboo? Texting while driving has become a dangerous and sometimes deadly habit that has been considered equally or more reckless to drunk driving in recent years. With both texting while driving and drunk driving being controversial issues, there is undoubtedly an argument for either topic. These two driving faux pas’ have been dually tried and tested by numerous studies and have been proven to be fatal additions to driving (Altice, 2012), however comparing the two as to ask “which is worse” has had no universally accepted answer. For many of us, the answer may seem obvious and there may be no comparison between the two dangers. A person may conclude that although texting while driving has been proven to be dangerous, it does not alter one’s perception and inhibitions the way alcohol does. One may argue that alcohol has a much more dangerous, debilitating effect on the body and mind than any cell phone could possibly ever have. These facts are of relevance and provincial governments have also taken notice. The legal limit of alcohol for a person operating a vehicle has changed multiple times over the years. It is currently illegal to have a blood alcohol level over 0.05% while driving in BC (ICBC, n.d.) and there is presently almost no tolerance for alcohol influence behind the wheel in all other Canadian provinces. Not only has the government’s laws surrounding the issue become continuously more firm, the consequences for breaking them have also become more severe. With the repercussions going from a towed vehicle or a fine to a suspended license or a very large fine (ICBC, n.d.), it’s no doubt a solid attempt to keep drunk drivers off the roads. With the number of people being killed by impaired...
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