Comparisons of the Old Empire and New Empire

Topics: Imperialism, Empire, British Empire Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Comparisons of the Old Empire and New Empire

Empire is basically a term which is often used as imperium derived from the Latin, meaning military command within the government of the roman of the ancient. Its is a state in groups or ethnic people brought together as one which is extensive, controlled and ruled over by a monarch that is single or a ruling authority that is single possessing a powerful power politically centralized and a wide commercial organization under the supervision of the person or group within the state or nation. Moreover, this term empire has been extensively used to other quite separate states such as the Byzantine Empire at some stances, Holy Roman Empire, the British Empire and so on. Comparing it with other states, an empire tends to move in a contiguous area; like the thalassocracies which is also known as the sea borne empires (the Athenian, Persian Empire, Achaemenid and the British empires which are god examples)may feature structures that are loosed and more territories that are speckled. Empire can be defined as an extended dominion over cultural population that is distinct from the ethnicity/culture at the mid point of power. Examples of the federation where a wide or narrow multi-ethical state or even homogenous ethnical one depending on agreement that is mutual amongst its component political units which retain a autonomy degree of high level in contrast with the Empire

Further more, one can relate the physical empires with structured hegemonies potentially less formal in which the sphere of influence of a politically single unit which could be a state or city overshadows a culturally combined area militarily or politically. What makes up an empire is focused to definitions that are varied and wide debate. It may describe as any state following policies that are imperial, that can be traditionally defined or can be monitored as a structure politically. In most of the few cases the term ‘Empire’ is more or so used when...
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