Comparisons of Routing Protocols for Child Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network

Topics: Wireless sensor network, Sensor node, Computer network Pages: 13 (4618 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Comparisons of Routing Protocols for Child Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network Azat Rozyyev1 and Halabi Hasbullah2
Department of Computer and Information Sciences Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Bandar Seri Iskandar, 31750 Tronoh, Perak, Malaysia. 1, Abstract—One of the widespread types of crime is child kidnapping where the number of cases is increasing each year. With the modern telecommunication technology, the child protection should be better now than before. This paper presents a preliminary study on routing protocol for child tracking using combined infrastructure of Wireless Sensor Network and Cellular Network. The real-time application in these networks would help the related parties to track the location of the missing child. From proactive point of view, the application would act as a preventive tool for child kidnapping. When the sensors in a Wireless Sensor Network detect child’s presence, they have to transmit the data to an Access Point or the sink node in the network. Many routing protocols have been developed in the past, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. This paper shows the selection of a few routing protocols that are suitable for child tracking in Wireless Sensor Network, which will be improved and suggested for the use in the application. Keywords—Child tracking; child abduction; wireless sensor networks;, preventive tool; routing; protocol.

themselves, going to the wrong direction and getting somewhere where there’s nobody that can help them. If the location of the child can be traced, soon after getting the report of the child missing, the police officials could take necessary measures to help the child. A better tracking system will help the police officials and other authorities to help to solve these cases. Advances in telecommunication technology in recent years have lead to the rapid development of sensor networks, where the sensors are low in cost and power consumption, and can perform multiple functions. Being small in size the sensors can still acquire and process data, and communicate to the other sensors, usually, through radio frequency channel. The sensors are easy to deploy and cost-effective, which have revolutionized the applications of remote monitoring [6]. Wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of small sensors. Each sensor can be referred to as sensor node in the network. These sensors are used to acquire the physical data, like, sound, light intensity, humidity, temperature from the environment where they are deployed [5], [6]. According to Haenggi M. [5], the main features of sensor networks are that they have the self-organizing capabilities; they support shortrange broadcast communication and multi-hop routing, have the ability to change the topology because of the failing nodes, have limited energy, memory, and computing and transmit power. These features are what make difference between WSN and other known wireless communication networks, such as other wireless ad hoc networks and mesh networks [5], and single hop cellular networks [6]. Since the first introduction of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), growing research and commercial interest, that followed it, brought many applications of WSN. These applications were created for military, health, and civilian purposes [7]. The objectives of this paper are to do the preliminary study on the routing protocols, and choose the ones that will be suitable for the application of child tracking in WSN. The objectives are to be reached by reviewing the available routing protocols and checking whether it will be suitable for the use in the Child Tracking application. The rest of the paper describes the following: Section 2 will discuss on the related works, routing protocols and their

I. INTRODUCTION One of the widespread types of crime that creates a lot of concern among Malaysian citizens is kidnapping, of children, to be more specific. Little children are constantly...
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