Comparison: I Have a Dream and Goals

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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November 2, 2012
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Goals or Martin Luther King’s Ideals In this essay I will show that Martin Luther king “I have a dream” has a better approach and better message. In 1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger was interviewed and this interview was called Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dream. This interview focuses on his personal goals. An interview is a meeting or conversation in which the interviewer asks questions of one or more persons to gain or add information about a certain subject. The interview genre is of journalist. In 1963 Martin Luther King gave a public speech that affected and inspired many people in America. This speech focuses on the universal goal of Martin Luther King. Public speaking is a presentation to persuade or convince people to an idea. To be an affective speaker you have to be train to be able to persuade. Your goal as a public speaker is to put your ideas in the people head and make the act on your desire. The Arnold Schwarzenegger’ dream is an interview about his life and all his goals. His interview is completely personal. In the interview he develops how he achieved all his goals and his key to success. Through his interview he tries to teach us how we can be successful and achieve most of our dreams. He believes that when you are trying to reach a goal, nobody else matters. Arnold believes that to be successful you have to be selfish and cold because people will just distract you. This article is mainly focused on power, fame, money and success. He believes this are the most important things in ours world. That you come first in everything and everybody else does not matter. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech can be considered one of the greatest speeches in American history. His speech talks about accomplishing a universal goal. King argues that all men are equal and should be treated equal. Many times in his speech, King states how black citizens have been mistreated over the years. King uses many...
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