Comparison Tyres and Open Boat

Topics: Grammatical person, The Open Boat, Short story Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Essay Question: Compare Tyres with The Open Boat, bring out how fate and circumstance are driving forces in each story. Comment on the method of narration in each story, along with the characterization. Tyres by Adam Thorpe and The Open Boat by Stephen Crane are two short stories with many parallels. Fate permeates both poems and the method of narration is also quite similar. The Open Boat explores four men stranded in a vast ocean within a small boat due to fate. The phrase “willy-nilly” hints that the men had no control over what was about to ensue and could not stop or change the outcome. Fate pervades the entire story, demonstrated when the men ride along the waves. Crane uses a simple yet effective simile to describe the action within the boat - “A seat in this boat was not unlike a seat upon a bucking bronco” alluding that it would be up to fate whether they would fall out due to the boat capsizing or survive. When the men reached the shore any one of them could have died but destiny randomly selected the oiler, leaving the correspondent “grateful”  for the “thud”. The random selection exposes the indifference of nature to the men. Grateful proposes that the correspondent  does appreciate the shallow extent of events that has transpired upon him as opposed to the enormity of things that may have. This links with “wishing for another chance” indicating if they survive this torture they would better themselves. Circumstance and fate is emphasized by the repetition of “If I’m going to be drowned….why in the name of the seven mad gods who rule the sea, was I allowed to come thus far and contemplate land and trees” displaying that fate the factor which has permitted them to remain alive this far, as well as portraying the injustice of this life-threatening situation. Tyres recalls the story of a young man Raoul when he was an adolescent boy fixing tyres in a garage alongside his father. In conjunction with the developing relationship between him and Cecile, a...
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