Comparison of Witchcraft and Statanism

Topics: Wicca, Pentagram, Satanism Pages: 5 (1774 words) Published: July 21, 2010
There are many myths and misconceptions about Wicca or Witchcraft and Satanism that are often held by people of other faith based belief systems. If you go by some of the Evangelical Christians definition of a Satanist you are left with a very large percentage of the population being Satanist as only about 10% of the world’s population is Christian. They often think any religion that is not theirs has to be therefore a Satanist; hence Wicca or The Craft is thereby Satanic in nature. Wicca is a Nature based Neopagan religion. It is a giving and loving religion. Satanism also is an Earth based Neopagan religion. It on the other hand is very self centered and idiosyncratic. They have many similarities and differences from theology, principles and philosophy, ritual practices, magic/k use, and of course the use of magical tools in ritual. When looking at the differences in the two faiths they are so opposite it is uncanny how so many people see them as one and the same. When theology is brought into light between the two faiths one must see the many similitudes and differentiations in theologies alone. According to the Church of Satan, and its founder Anton LaVey, the religion of Satanism is an agnostic or atheistic religion.

"Satan is a symbol, nothing more," LaVey says. "Satan signifies our love of the worldly and our rejection of the pallid, ineffectual image of Christ on the cross." Turn around and take a look at Wicca and The Craft and you will see it has so many traditions that it isn’t merely a monotheistic religion but due to the many sects and traditions it is also seen as a duotheistic, polytheistic, and henotheistic culture. Some sects are as Satanists believe, and are an atheistic religion. So in some sects Wicca and The Craft are so similar in nature to Satanism that many are duped into thinking they are one and the same. The most common sect in Wicca is of that of a duotheistic religion. The belief in Goddess/God as deity is common but many henotheistic chapters exist. Henotheistic beliefs are that the Goddess/God is a part of “The One”. As seen in Before Time Was, by Scott Cunningham,

“Before time was, there was The One; The One was all, and all was The One. And the vast expanse known as the universe was The One, all wise, all pervading, all powerful, eternally changing. And space moved. The One molded energy into twin forms, equal but opposite, fashioning the Goddess and God from The One and of The One.” Thus, whereas Satanists believe more in the symbolism of what Satan represents, most Wiccans believe in a faith based deity of some sort.

Principles of Wicca and Satanism are about as different as apples and oranges. Wiccans believe in a set of principles that were set by the American Council of Witches back in 1974. The 13 principles all witches follow are far from the Satanists 9 Satanic Statements. Witches believe in the attunement with nature and its seasons, placing great importance on our environment and community, that the divine power is within all people as we are but vessels of their power, that power is to be used for the benefit of others, not to be used for the advancement of the self, and that witches need to dwell not just on this plane but also on the spiritual plane in order to achieve balance. The acceptance that all religions hold merit to their believers and that true power lies in the belief that tolerance of all faiths and a firm grasp that Wicca may be the witches way to what they feel is right but that John Doe has his belief system and who are they to judge another. When taking a glance at the 9 Satanic Statements one can see the huge discrepancies between the two faiths. With LaVey’s statements of what Satanism represents we are told to indulge the self, vital existence over dreams and hopes, undefiled wisdom over self deceit, kindness only to those who deserve it and not to be shared with those deemed unworthy, and that revenge is better than turning the other cheek. The...
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