Comparison of Winston Churchill and Julius Caesar

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  • Published : January 30, 2007
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Winston Churchill is one of the most well known and successful leaders of the last century. Churchill had many characteristics that helped him during his rule. Some of these include his charisma, his inspiration, and his decisive actions. These characteristics are analogous to the traits that some characters express in the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. These particular attributes assisted Churchill in his rise to power as well as his rule as Prime Minister.

One of the most important characteristics that Winston Churchill expressed was his charisma. Churchill's charisma can be broken down into three elements: hard work, his understanding of military strategy, and his oratory. Churchill was very hard working, even though he was sixty-six years old when he first became Prime Minister in 1940. His time and devotion to detail left his smart, young assistants stranded for help. In the 1930s he had mastered the most elaborate military information, so he could "out-brief the government ministers he harried so mercilessly in the House of Commons" (Winston Churchill - Schama - the Churchilliad). After becoming Prime Minister, he stated that he had nothing to offer but "blood, toil, tears and sweat" (Sir Winston Churchill - The Churchill Centre). His ability to absorb and analyze was an essential skill. It showed that he always got the job done, and did it right. It also instilled respect for him among people of lower status. The second part of his charisma was his impressive understanding of military strategy. Churchill was without a doubt a better commander than a majority of the other war leaders of his time. His grasp of military strategies meant that he could speak to his generals and other officials easily and easily construct with them, at any moment of the war, a careful order of priorities. The final piece of Winston Churchill's charisma was his great oratory skills. Many authors and inspiring individuals cite many of his speeches....
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