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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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A Comparison of Three Universities
Every year thousands of international students try to make the most important decision in their life, choosing the right university. However, the higher education market is overcrowded by variations of universities. This comparison is supposed to be the guide, which helps to weigh up three universities (The University of Lancaster, The University of Loughborough and King’s College London) in the business and management area. These universities were taken as substitutes for each other due to familiar places in the ranks and similar entry tariffs. The Universities are compared by three factors: overall and subject ranking, career prospects and student satisfaction. Firstly, these universities will be compared by ranking, because rank shows the overall score of the university, including all the comparable areas of the Guardian University Guide (Guardian, 2012) or the Complete University Guide (CUG, 2012). Based on overall ranking of (Guardian, 2012) Lancaster is seventh and has remained stable since 2011, while Loughborough fell from ninth in 2011 to eleventh in 2013. Likewise King’s College London shows decrease in ranking from 25 to 31 during the same years. Loughborough is the leader in business studies and located in seventh place, while Lancaster is two times lower – the 13th university in the business area in 2013. Whereas, King’s College London has 15th place and this university shows the lowest rank in both comparisons. In this comparison Lancaster shows sustainability, while Loughborough’s rank in business area is much higher. King’s College is the unstable university and has the low place in ranking. Secondly, the career prospects ranking is supposed to be the most considerable issue for students, because it indicates the opportunity of being employed. (Guardian,2012) shows that the highest possibility of being employed in Loughborough with 89 points. However, Lancaster has 83 point, but it is enough to be in the top...
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