Comparison of Two Graffiti Artists

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1. Introduction- What is graffiti and where does it originate from? * History
-Is this a form of art?
-Why do people graffiti? What is the purpose?
-What is the difference between murals and graffiti on walls? * Murals
* Graffiti
2. Body-Comparison between local an international graffiti
-Faith47 (South African)
-Piece by Banksy: ‘I fought the law’
* Subject matter
* Technique
* Composition
* Support
-Piece by faith47: ‘All shall be equal before the law’ * Subject matter
* Technique
* Composition
* Support
-How I related the two
3. Conclusion
4. Bibliography

What is graffiti and where does it originate from?
The first to use graffiti were political activists who wanted to make a statement and by street gangs who wanted to leave their mark. In the late 1960 identities started to form Graffiti was known as an underground movement because of it’s covertly manner. In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the United States, bombing was introduced (bombing-going out and doing graffiti) by ‘CORNBREAD and COOL EARL’. Graffiti artists started to appear all over America, places like Washington and Manhattan. ‘TAKI183’ was recognised as one of the first writers of this new society because of his frequently seen tags on trains (known as motion tags) The movement was growing; graffiti was seen now on the streets of Brooklyn, writers like ‘Friendly Freddie’ was an earlier Brooklyn writer. The subway system was use as a communication system for graffiti artists, competition between graffiti artist started to occur. Graffiti in South Africa was mainly used for political reasons during issues like apartheid and racism etc. Graffiti in South Africa is more for means of expression but graffiti artists still use it to send a message of hope or help. Is this a form of art?

Graffiti is art as it is a form of expressing yourself through shapes, colours textures etc. It helps articulate your feelings and emotions, your thoughts and opinions. Unfortunately graffiti is seen in a bad light because it is established by society as vandalism (the malicious and deliberate defacement or destruction of somebody else's property) Graffiti artists use other people’s property or trains to place their graffiti which is illegal if their is no permission from the owners. Why do people graffiti, what is the purpose?

Some people think it's cool or they are trying to impress other people. Some people do it to become more popular or to defy authority. Some people want to express their frustration, anger or revenge and don't know how else to do it. Street gangs also use graffiti to mark their territory. What many people don't know is that making graffiti is punishable by law, just like vandalism or misdemeanours. There are several possible legal consequences if you get caught making graffiti: * you can be taken to court and sentenced to jail or a fine * you can be given a criminal record

For most it’s about making a name for yourself, it’s about wanting to be known or to be wondered about by viewers of your art. The artist is the brand. The need to be famous or recognised as an artist with talents. What is the difference between murals and graffiti on walls? The definitions of mural and graffiti are very similar except that graffiti is an unauthorized, and hence, illegal, public art installation.   Murals, at their most legitimate, are street art sanctioned and funded by a governmental agency or community organization. One is done with the permission of the owner of the wall and the other is not. Graffiti can be very dynamic and attractive especially in run down areas. Comparison between local and international graffiti

Banksy (British)
An England based graffiti artist. His work is a combination of stencilling work...
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