Comparison of Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby

Topics: Social class, Love, Marriage Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Two men long for Daisy. Two men are in love with her. It would seem that these two men would be very similar in mannerisms to fall for a girl like Daisy, but actually, these two men fall on totally opposite ends of the behavioral spectrum. There is Tom Buchanan who is the more dominant male figure and arrogant wiseguy, and then there is Jay Gatsby who is the more reserved and morally refined man of newly gained wealth. While both characters share a deep rooted love for Daisy, their characters differ greatly in how each expresses their love for her. Basically the dividing difference between Gatsby and Buchanan come from their backgrounds and rise to wealth.

Both men have very different attitudes because of their money, mostly. To be more precise, the way they got their money reflects on their attitudes. Tom is very crude, yet Gatsby is more refined. Tom is crude because he was born into ‘old money’, which means the money has been in his family for generations and was passed to him. He has somewhat of a lack of appreciation for some of his possessions and things in his life gained by wealth, i.e. Daisy, that Gatsby truly does appreciate because he worked for his wealth. However, on the other hand, since Gatsby’s “parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people” his rise to fame and fortune marks him as “new money” because of the work, blood, and sweat that went into obtaining his fortune. Another way they differ is because Tom is very overpowering. He was referred to as a ‘brute’ by Daisy, yet Gatsby is more reserved and shy. Tom is also very racist and a huge bigot. This is obvious in the way he acts and the books he reads. Gatsby, however passes very little judgment on people. This is very apparent in the party guests he invites to his house. He always has a wide range of people at his house. Tom is a prime example of a selfish man. He has all this wealth and luxury but decides to use it to sleep around on Daisy with his mistress, Myrtle, He also uses it...
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