Comparison of Toadstool Wood and Snowy Wood

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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‘The toadstool wood’ describes a woodland at twilight. Everything is quiet and dark. Reeves describes the woods as if it is hoary and inactive, I know this because in the poem he says ‘mouldy’. He also says ‘arching sprays of bramble’ which means there would be alot of cultivation as well in the wood. On the other the poem, ‘stopping by Woods on a snowy evening’ has the setting of a man on horse back stopping by the woods for a rest when he is on a long journey. Frost describes these woods as if it is glacial and gloomy, I know this because in the poem he says ‘The darkest evening of the year’. This would also means that it is frightening. There are many common things between these two poems. Firstly both poems scenes are set in the woods. Secondly both writers Reeves and Frost have described the woods as if it is dark and strange. I know this because in one of the poems the author says ‘the darkest evening of the year’ and the other one he says ‘the toadstool wood is dark and mouldy’. Both authors also use alliteration, but the rhyme scheme is different. Reeves creates a vivid place in ‘The toadstool wood’. He uses striking words which create striking sights in our minds. For example, on the first line of the poem he says ‘dark and mouldy’. The word dark creates a sense of fear because being in isolated woodland where there is a lack of light is very spine chilling. He also says ‘In this uncanny place, Yet you might see at midnight, A little, carafty face’. These powerful three lines mean that in this unusual place, at night, you might see a small crafty face. This would make the reader want to know who’s face it is. The writer specially wrote that in the last stanza so that there is a sense of mystery in the readers mind. The author has also used alliteration in his poem, ‘stilted spider strolls’. In addition he has used a metaphor, ‘moss’s close green velvet’. Overall I think the writer has created alot of mystery by using powerful words, metaphors and...
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