Comparison of the Value to the Community of Sports Facility Provision

Topics: Leisure, Sport, Military Pages: 3 (1168 words) Published: April 20, 2013
This projects aims were to examine the value to the community, of local sports facilities focusing on military, voluntary, public, and private sectors, and how they benefit from the facilities being available to them. The facilities looked at were Cannons leisure centre, the Mountbatten centre, Thorney Island, and City of Portsmouth Athletics club. The study also examined the scope of users of each unique sector of sport and how the facilities are equipped for their sporting needs and requirements. Two members of management and six users at each facility were interviewed using semi-structured interviews, so that relevant information could be gained and used for the project. The theory of analysis will be qualitative research because there will be no statistical analysis for this project. Instead there will be words and data from the interviews to analyse. The aims were adjusted from the final project and narrowed down in order to develop a far more detailed project and set of results. The results showed the extent to which all four sports sectors provide sport and leisure opportunities for the surrounding community. The project examines the range of users throughout the sectors and looks in depth at the range of different facilities which are on offer. The results are displayed in tables to provide an easy comparison which is viewed as the better way to show the findings of the project. Sports sectors are able to work together and exist under close geographical range, because they attract different users and offer a range of facilities. Portsmouth Athletic Club is dependent upon the Mountbatten centre for its existence, which is commonly found in the voluntary sector. Thorney Island was discovered to be a very untapped sporting resource, with military access only. Cannons Leisure Centre on the other hand, was exactly that and had a very leisurely feel to it where people would happily spend the day using a variety of the facilities on offer. The main...
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